Which Comes First: The Donor or the Money?

As a fundraiser, do you find meeting people and “targeting” them for money uncomfortable? Would you like to focus on the donor’s interest first, enabling their natural inclination to make a gift?

When the priority is meeting your annual financial goal your focus is on a meaningful outcome for you—not the donor. The result? It is easy for the donor to fall away and not renew their gift. This makes sense considering there is very little personal connection.

On average only 30 out a 100 donors choose to renew. Replacing the 70 non-renewing donors creates greater pressure and focus on the financial goal. Greater focus on the financial goal sets up a cycle of “targeting” people for their money. It’s no surprise donors begin to feel like ATMs.

What if you were able to inspire every donor to be a renewing one, even look forward to giving annually? What if donors felt like partners in your organization’s work? It would be a memorable experience for them and make your job more rewarding and fun. Putting people first inspires donors to provide long-term support.

In a thought-provoking and creative process learn how supporting donor renewal will change the focus from money to the donor and increase the financial impact. E-mail Penny at penny@renewablephilanthropy.com to schedule a no-cost consultation.

GISC-certified Internationl Coach Federation


~Penny worked with me over several months as a coach and thought partner. She is extraordinary. Her years of experience in the field of philanthropy allowed her to support the development of my thinking to create a philanthropic program for the Gestalt International Study Center….not an easy thing to create. I deeply appreciate her boundless energy, thoughtful questions and encouragement. “  ~ Mary Anne Walk, Executive Director, Gestalt International Study Center



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